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A Place to Rest

A Place to Rest - Erin Dutton My sister would remember actions or statements of mine even if a hundred years had passed and so I related to this story of Sawyer and her younger siblings who all had issues stemming from their pasts. This and the descriptions of how the restaurant operated were interesting. I was less invested in the romantic relationship with Sawyer and Jori. I just couldn't get into it, seemed like same old, same old.

But, this is not a bad book. One knows what is going to happen all too quickly, but there are little bits of flavor in this story that had me go up a star in my rating. Also, Sawyer's personality was praised more than her looks in the story and her natural charisma was mentioned usually before any superficially descriptive language, which I appreciated. I often find in life the "average" looking individual, possessing a vibrant personality and intelligence much more attractive than other more conventional beauty standard.