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Slow Burn in Tuscany

Slow Burn in Tuscany - Giselle Fox This is one of those stories with characters reconnecting after eighteen years on a charter tour in Italy. I thought the dialogue, the tease and the later feelings were nicely developed between the two mains and was well written.

It's bad enough reading about eighteen wasted years (well not entirely wasted but you know what I mean) and then the instant chaos/bad decision at the 4/5 mark that dragged this book seriously down a hill. I couldn't believe it really as I as thinking in my mind, "Oh, this is going to be a five star book" and then one WTF after the other.

3.5 stars and I'm rounding up. Why?? IDK - I might revisit that score later after some thought. There is an ex-husband who we do NOT see, which was considerate, but also a best friend I wanted to run over with a tractor.