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November's End

November's End - Heather McVea So I read the description and this book sounded appealing and I read the story with pleasure, let's just get that out of the way. This is one part historical novel and one part fantasy. I read the prologue, which implies the fantasy to come, and then must have fallen asleep at some point because I quite forgot about it.

I read this thinking only about the historicity of the time period and the logistics of the schedule of Calina, our heroine who must alter her appearance each day in the bathroom of a nearby coffee shop to look like a man so that she can work in some garment factory as a man and earn more money.

In this factory she meets Dessa, the other heroine, who draws the attention of every man around her but finds the new boy interesting because the new boy does not have the same jaw dropping, eye popping reaction to her presence and then conveniently, accidentally, discovers Calina's secret.

OK. So I already said I enjoyed this and will probably give it four stars because the story moved, was interesting and typos were uncommon. I think each and every character could have been fleshed out better from Calina's parents to the main characters themselves. The author uses one of two favorite tropes in f/f - "just get them to share a bed together!" as opposed to playing 'truth or dare' or some other nonsense.

Just as everything seems cool, Dessa's.....

The two leads do NOT have a spell of miscommunication and split up because of it and I am eternally grateful to the author for not injecting that into it.

The very ending of the story has a twist to it that I found both irritating and interesting. If world hopping is so easy to do, and the characters talk about "visiting" the other world so frequently, why on earth would Dessa wait six months without letting Calina know anything?!