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Popcorn Love

Popcorn Love - K.L.  Hughes 2.5 rounded up for some reason or another.

What bothered me the most with this book was the dialogue as it never seemed real and frequently was bizarre. As noted by others, the frequent use by a 27 year old woman of the word "Dear" is mind boggling. The word slaps you every single time it is used, and the slaps are many all the way to the very end. The words uttered by these potentially interesting characters, a 27 year-old hispanic woman, Elena, who is a CEO of a fashion house and the younger love interest, a NYU senior, Allison, are incredibly inane at times, bordering on the unreadable.

Once again I ignored, at my own peril, my own rule about not reading a romance with a child as a part of the story.

The author has her heart in the right place, trying to describe someone who was a foster child and is now an adult without family, determining she desperately appreciates being in a family. So, that part of it was ok with me as this was a happy story. I enjoy happy. I wish Allison's life as a foster child had been explored more in the story, as well as how a recent graduate of Harvard's business school is a CEO of any company. Show me more about these people instead of the slippery slide to total happiness and every wish fulfilled. That and give them meaningful things to say.