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The Sum of These Things

The Sum of These Things - Emily O’Beirne Sequel to "A Story of Now" has us continue to follow Claire and Mia through a summer of relationship building, in the present tense, week by week or even day by day. I quite loved the book and the characters and smiled to myself all too frequently as I read.

I have to admit that I was hesitant to read this though, once I began, even though I pre-ordered the book immediately after reading "A Story of Now", as sequels are frequently such a let down after the first book, aren't they? I loved these characters, Claire and Mia, so much I didn't want anything to happen to them or their relationship as I felt I was in the story somehow, made young again in some sort of magical romance at the same time grasping for a direction to follow as I entered adulthood.

Perhaps I am too indulgent with this author in that nothing tumultuous really happens besides insecurities, ghosts of the past surfacing again in the present moment and fowling up everything so that everything must be built again. Because this relationship is an everything kind of relationship. I look forward to reading more Emily O'Beirne.

So. Sorry. I have no criticism of this book. I was charmed from the beginning by the characters, major and minor, and want the author funded so she can write me more stories about this Melbourne world she has created.