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Training Days

Training Days - Jane  Frances I thought this was exceptionally well written and quite funny - in the beginning. Having travelled a great deal I adore stories of poor accommodations and uninteresting seat neighbors. The bits with Allison "getting dark" were hilarious and I laughed freely while they were all on the train. Just thinking about Marge produced.... Marge!

There are feelings there for our main protagonists and the author avoided some of the common treatments of the MC's coming together but it began to slog a bit here. The humor was gone and so was much of the clever dialogue. By the time the MC's consummate and "I love you" is thrown around all to quickly I was instantly bored and tried to read quicker without skimming. Was it me or was the sex tepid? Ally seemed to lose her cleverness and bite (and humor) once she was in this relationship. Is the pet name thing a thing? Honey, Baby, love, lover and all of that? Pah!

I gave this four stars and may downgrade the rating a bit after the buzz is gone and I forget how clever the beginning was. As for the French backpacker woman described in the beginning..... why? I felt badly for France with all of that drama.