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Flinging It

Flinging It - G. Benson (I was given this book by Ylva publishing in an exchange for an honest review)

I would say this is a solid 3.5 stars for me.

There is an emotional tug of war in this book that can be taxing or refreshing depending on where the flag is, and which character is on each side of the rope. One woman is in the process of escaping emotional abuse of her husband and the other is a woman who learns to trust again. The view point in the book is shared between the two female leads and for once this was not jarring or off putting.

The two mains are greatly helped by secondary characters as the mains know what to do professionally but not personally, when it comes to their relationship.

Issues of morality, infidelity and emotional abuse are shown and discussed with these two Australian women of color, as well as the point of view of a transitioning boy/man who is pregnant. The main characters make very human mistakes in their own lives at the same time as they begin a project that will greatly aid unprivileged victims around them in the Perth, Australia area.