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After All

After All - Laura Phillips It was ok. I feel vaguely guilty that this is counted as a "book" when it reads more like a ready, set, go! essay. Some things are described in detail, like the cooking of bacon, and others are not, like how in hell this divorced mom was able to move across the country and avoid any custody battle. The ex was too consumed with his own upcoming wedding to wife #2? Sad for the little girl (and remind me to never read a 'romance' book with a child in it again.

The "am I gay? what's happening?" takes about two minutes, and…. everyone is so generic. Why did the author have the mom move? Please describe one thing the mom does in her job and why she is so good the station HAS to have her. The teacher. Giver her something besides looks. I dislike reading that two people 'had a conversation and became acquainted'. Show me the conversation.

If this is just an outline of where the author wants to go, I'm there, but as a short story I found it lacking in depth and too long at the start and too short at the end.