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Wait For It

Wait For It - Michele L. Rivera The story is about this woman who is in a five-year, live together relationship, and how she reacts to her partner telling her she wants to have an open relationship, explore other women and enhance their sex life (what a line!). Wow. If I told my wife that I wanted an open relationship to enhance our sex life, out of the blue, she would nod, look around the house, and immediately begin packing. I don't think there would be much dialogue.

**** spoilerish ****

Parker Finley (love the name), the main character without ego/basic survival skills, goes along with this, still calling Reese (the one who requires exploration) her partner. But, no worries, Parker meets the woman of her dreams THAT NIGHT at the bar. Parker is at the bar with her friend, Elle, who basically says to her everything the reader is screaming in their mind as they read along, which consists mainly of, "No! Don't do that!", or, "Yes! Do that!", or the base, "WTF?". Parker's 'partner' soon has misgivings seeing how happy Parker has become with her new girl and changes her mind about the whole open relationship thing. What a shock.

Definite spoiler
Just when Parker is thinking "The L word" with Abby (the new girl) after three dates, Reese sees potential for loss and proposes marriage to Parker. For me then, there was a Hindenburg-sized, "WTF????"


Because, before the ring fiasco, when Parker and Abby were getting to know each other, was some sweet stuff. Cute dialogue, banter, sense of the relationship being a real thing and building to god knows what. I loved it. I sat outside on a beautiful day reading about this budding romance with a smile on my face. I was touched like the first time I read [b:Annie on My Mind|595375|Annie on My Mind|Nancy Garden|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1388360021s/595375.jpg|274128]. It was so wonderful.... and then ugliness descended on the story like Disney's Bambi's "Man came into the forest" and hearing the gun shot. The emotional weakness of the MC was maddening but the HEA was very nice and I am glad I made it through after a bunch of skimming.

Self-doubt and misery. I could not read the conversation Parker had with Abby. I skimmed until Reese, this anonymous character actor without too many lines or virtues, was out of the picture and began reading again. The author knows how to write, and write well, but the story-line was not my cup of tea.

• Reese was not described in a way that anyone would like her or know her
• Premise was ridiculous and could have just been about a person with low self esteem.