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Caged Bird Rising

Caged Bird Rising - Nino Delia Note* I received this book from Ylva in exchange for an honest review.

This little fairy tale begins in such a simple manner I was instantly put off and almost quit the book. I was glad I stayed. It succeeds as a fairy tale and I only would wish for more character development and romance of the two leads. Women in this form of fairy tale are raised to be totally subservient, barefoot and pregnant if you will, living only to attract or keep a man.

People are hurt and the mains fall in love but there is little emotional investment for the reader. But other characters jump off the page, such as Rose, the main character's friend, who keeps the fight going, and really, steals the show from the main characters. I thought the climax of the book was well handled, with the women having their eyes opened one by one and taking action.

That huge areas of the real world seem include this story of male dominance and abuse keeps this story relevant and I do not judge the atrocity of that, but to rate this book higher I would need more from the main characters and something more solid on which to step.