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Visions - Larkin Rose I have no wish to offend the author, or give the book a poor rating just because repeated erotica and "I was so wet" on every other page is not for me. The main character, Paige, did not seem mentally sound. Shitty past, she worked past it, now successful - sounds great. Oh, but it is unfortunate that she cannot have the level of orgasm she experienced six years prior in some masked ball, with an anonymous masked woman.

The love interest, Mayson, in this story would not have sounded erotic if the character was a man. "No" does not work very well with her. In fact, she does what she wants with Paige as Paige is just stupefied into silence while thinking what she should say. Much of the relationship is based on dominance/control and for Paige to wonder, once again, "was it too much to fucking need sex that ripped the soul out of your body?"

So, anyway, erotic books that spell things out are not my genre, so I am leaving the stars blank in case this was actually a well written book for people who enjoy this type of fiction.