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Sweetheart Starlet

Sweetheart Starlet - Nicolette Dane This is a story about a TV comedy show writer, Tabitha Bloom, who meets the woman of her dreams, a west coast actress and learns something about a confidence in herself. The book is written in the first person present tense with many talking to the reader moments.

That this book tells the alternate universe story of a lesbian Tina Fey and Saturday Night Live/30 Rock is an understatement and it didn't work for me. I always pictured Ms Fey telling the story about her life and I would have appreciated something more original. The jokes Tina Fey used in both shows were funnier. This is really subjective as I guess just about everything is, so don't take just my word on that. But the story is irritating for me in a way as I am always guessing in my mind, oh, that's Lorne Michaels, Adam Sandler, Justin Timberlake and so on.

So, it was hit or miss as I read. Being first-person, it was all tell and no show and very light. Tab falls for one of the guests in the beginning of the story who is primarily described as beautiful, with magnificent breasts, who is just into Tab right away. Her name is Corinne and we don't really hear her story or learn anything in-depth about her except that she has the highest confidence in Tab's abilities, plays eye candy roles in Hollywood, and sets the stage for that next stage of Tab's professional life.

The conflicts for the book then are Corinne's desire to remain 'closeted' and for Tab to gain this confidence in herself. When Tab and Corinne part ways, as they must for some conflict in the beginning of the story, there is a lack of true feeling in my opinion from Tab.