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A Clueless Woman (A Woman Lost Book 0)

A Clueless Woman (A Woman Lost Book 0) - T.B. Markinson I really like T. B. Markinson, a lot, enjoying her style and usage of the english language in her vivid descriptions of anything from mood to relationships, so fluid and enjoyable that one can easily stay up reading past their bedtime.

Somerset Maugham's Of Human Bondage" had a character I really related to and that time of my life I was so like Phillip it was amusing. Here I find another character in Lizzie that reminds me so much myself. I related to her, felt like I knew her.

In addition to a charming, realistic romance, Lily, the main character meets with a fellow named Ethan once a week and they are both like therapists for each other which is just so enjoyable for me, a flawed-in-his-own-right confessor, who sounds like a good friend to have for his insight, wit and humor.

But then, Lizzie has so many people that just want to show her the way. She's so close but cannot see the forest for the trees. Placing her as a student of history, a field of study where the ending is known to all and the essential points must be dug out from intensive (solitary) research is the perfect field for her. She is probably not one to suddenly take an interest in the future/Science Fiction.

So. T.B. Markinson, thank you for yet another of your wonderful books, Recommended.