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The Housing Crisis: New Adult Lesbian Romance

The Housing Crisis: New Adult Lesbian Romance - Kate McLay This story is difficult to grade as it is quite short, but I liked it. It is simple, has a HEA and one surprise I didn't see coming, but I liked it.

Do I feel like I know Alyssa or Hannah? Maybe in the most basic way but nothing in-depth. It was a sweet story and maybe I needed sweet today after some of my latest books which seemed heavy, and were, perhaps, out of my comfort zone.

A religious girl, influenced by her 'rents Catholicism in Idaho, with an exciting position in Chicago with an up and coming business needs a roommate fast, and our Hannah is introduced by a mutual friend, and boomps, they're roomies. Alyssa is yet another individual in fiction land who never really seemed to date, in high school or college, never thought about girls in a romantic way, has her dreams invaded by this new roomie who is someone burned emotionally and recently by her lover who turns out to be bi, or worse.

*** spoilerish ***

I enjoyed that there was not a big issue about coming out, PDA's not allowed and all that. That all becomes so tedious with the back and forth and then ultimatums. Alyssa makes her decision and doesn't look back. Hannah is worried about dating the straight girl, but doesn't hold back. I wish the emotions expressed had been stronger, and the characters described more fully, but... maybe with another 50 pages.