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By Mutual Consent

By Mutual Consent - Tracey Richardson Using Goodreads rating system I would rate this with two stars - "it was ok". The premise of "renting an escort" has been done before in a much more unusual way, but I still don't understand the concept in this book and even the story seems to frequently ask, "what's the deal?"

An acclaimed surgeon is just so busy she can't have a relationship with anyone. I guess the issue is similar to "why would I get a German Shepherd if I would not have time for the dog"? So, we're dealing with humans and emotions and stuff as two mothers orchestrate this unusual arrangement of "rent-a-date". Sarah, an artist, is hired to be the on the arm escort to social events so the Doctor doesn't have to deal with all of the tedium of personal interaction. She is just that much into surgery. Sarah, the underpaid artist, who of course is insanely gifted, needs the money. So, they go to one party, event, conference, auction... whatever, after the other. All the while the Doctor begins lusting after the beautiful artist and Sarah begins to have feelings (and a lot of tolerance) for the Doctor. A difference of lust and like.

Guess where the story goes. Sarah turns out to be a drug mule currently on the lamb and is actually a transvestite and he..... No! They both fall in love, slowly but surely. Nothing wrong with that but what exactly is Sarah attracted by with this Dr. Voss? What personality does this surgeon have? What quirks, habits, hobbies, obsessions does she possess? I found myself reading this book just for Sarah's role and hoping she'd find real romance with someone who possessed a personality.