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Almost Straight

Almost Straight - Justice Serai One thing you must know about this story is that Audrey is not a lesbian, she is bi. In case you forget her orientation, it will be repeated in 1.75 pages. I don't know why the author stressed this fact so often, probably to counterbalance negativity toward bi's.

This book is written in a simple way, dealing with the issue of a junior in HS, Audrey, daughter of strict god-fearers, who is rather suddenly drawn into a wild attraction to this new girl in school. Audrey is straight but just unable to resist Liv's charms and kisses. Of course the story takes place in Indiana where the love of the lord takes a back seat to cafeteria christians selecting which portions of the old testament to really enforce and harp on.

We can be clear at the onset that this setting is just not the place to be eccentric or unique, let alone queer OR BI. One can almost picture the place with a church on every corner and determined condemnation behind closed doors, curtains being slightly opened so the outside can be discreetly viewed, tractor dealers on the main road, rolled hay in the distance and a big Walmart just on the edge of town.

I enjoyed the main character Audrey very much and watched as she went from a timid girl to someone quite strong psychologically emboldened by her love for Liv. Audrey kissing Liv here there and everywhere in the beginning, all the while saying she's straight, was funny.

"This is the last time!"
"I know!"

The rest of the book is rather serious covering a range of the responses of parents (mostly good but a mix), the farm boys in the school (pretty poor (except for one guy)) to the farm girls ( a little better understanding).

I like this book and reread it today.