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Never-Tied Nora

Never-Tied Nora - Cheyenne Blue I was given this ARC in return for an honest review by Ylva Publishing.

This author caught me by surprise in that if I had read the brief synopsis for the book I would not have been so inclined to read it. First there is the Hatfield and McCoy/Romeo and Juliet background between two Irish families and then the premise for this feud seemed silly, until I remembered something like it in my own family's history. Silly stuff happens.

The author writes very well, seamlessly incorporating minor characters, having them appear real, and giving them something to say. The main character, Nora, speaks in an honest voice and the descriptions and extras are kept to a minimum, fitting with her personality. Her meeting with Ger does seem quite magical and it was a pleasure to read the description of their first meeting.

There are no histrionics in this work, everything seems plausible. I don't feel like I really know Nora, but have a good feeling about drinking Guiness with her and knowing what to say to perhaps know her better.

I really enjoyed Nora's meeting with the American tourist and thought that interaction was handled perfectly. Sue, as Nora's friend, I should like to know more of, especially with the hints at the ending of the book.