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Heart Trouble

Heart Trouble - Jae ARC from Ylva
This is a very well written story with an unusual premise, almost science-fiction in separate moments, humorous in others but always always returning to the core emotional component and "connection" of a relationship. The relationship and emotions of the two main characters are fully fleshed out and gone over throughout the book and successfully walks a fictional tightrope of what could be overblown or unbelievable. Jae's idea for the story is original, really clever and quite enjoyable to read. I was fascinated by her concept for this. Unfortunately there is not much I can say about "this" which would not be a spoiler.

The book is written in such a way that it could've ended at three different points, but always trudges on to fully wrap up every loose end. I would sit back and think, "Oh, that was nice," only to realize I was at the halfway point of the book - or later at the 3/4 mark. The tension/deal breaker that was introduced felt overblown when it happened but then made sense to me later, so it was infinitely better than some ex returning to stir things up or some gross miscommunication between the main characters.

Likes: Jae has been at this for a while and she writes stories without spelling or grammatical errors. The story flows and reading the book is effortless and somewhat compelling - or I was in the mood for just this kind of story as I finished it in a day and a half, not wishing to put it down. The main characters were lovely and I enjoyed getting to know them throughout the book which is no mean feat. They had depth. They felt like real people. Usually in this romance genre a character does something irritating along the way but not here. The questions the author brings up about free will and destiny in life and what is the connection in a relationship were important and resolved. Lastly, A coming out of one of the characters was handled subtly, believable and was painful to read. Thankfully various characters revealed their own bravery.

Dislikes: Warning: This is purely personal and quite subjective. I did not enjoy the cameos from Jae's other books (Hollywood Series). I haven't read them in a while and the characters seemed like ghosts to me, introduced here and there with some of them not even having a speaking role.

Overall, 4.5 stars. Recommended.