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Girl on Geek: A Lesbian Romance

Girl on Geek: A Lesbian Romance - Mia Archer The premise for the book was interesting: that two people, two characters, could meet in a video game and begin some sort of relationship. Evidently the game that our heroine plays requires a good deal of imaginative writing to go along with the already recorded back stories. I was into that. One's creativity and personality were introduced to another's via the game and its adventures and challenges even though I don't play video games at all. The premise though! That we all have our screen names and so on, and very much control what is shown to others always interests me. Is that idea really explored enough? No. Something like the Bruce Willis film, "Surrogates" does a much better job.

But the MC feels various elements such as pelvic bones and rock-hard nipples of the other character (inevitably "in her pussy") and so I wondered if I had skimmed over the section of this being some sort of virtual reality game combined with creative writing as they both guided the story. I found it difficult to imagine that the MC was in a MFA program as her thoughts frequently seemed immature and occasionally quite base. She does not appeal as an intelligent girl.

Anyway. The main character finds herself attracted to another character whom we know is the creator of the franchise, a bunch of novels about "this place, a fantasy world, and, evidently, quite the empire of fandom. It's a big deal, evidently on the same scale as the Harry Potter series. I add that bit of spoilership as there is no doubt, straight off, that our first person narrator is meeting this woman who created the whole she-bang. I half expected the narrator to meet her new author friend in real life as the author descends in some sort of Willy Wonka-ish magic bubble machine and to be given the keys to the kingdom.

The narrator describes herself in the story as a frequent victim of self doubt. She then goes on to mention this many, many more times and so it was a surprise to me, given her own self-awareness, that she would eventually fall victim to this doubt because of information given her from a girl who she loathes, a girl who reads "crazy" right from the git-go. The ending of this story was unbearable to read and I learned a new skill of wincing and skimming at the same time.