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First Fall

First Fall - Genevieve Fortin Pros: Plus size woman (18) is one of the romantic interests. This is mentioned on page 3 and again near the end of the book when the relationship is consummated.

Cons: Utterly predictable. But that is the genre isn't it?

A woman living in Quebec, Audrey, has her solitary life interrupted by a married couple (Marielle and Sam) and their son moving in next door. She watches them as they unpack, appearing to be a vision of happiness. But no. The couple have not had sex in ??? years. The couple's relationship has no emotional quality or physical connection, hasn't for some time, so they buy a fixer upper! Nothing brings back the passion like flipping a cabin.

Marielle begs off intimacy with her husband using the old migraine trick to the point where the husband wakes up his wife in the middle of one night and says he is getting an apartment, this isn't working, god damn it we aren't working anymore, and so on. The wife says nothing (!) to her husband at the time, but after he's left she cries alone in bed. Luckily for her, her libido has secretly just been waiting for Audrey, her sexy neighbor to make an appearance. Neighbor and sexy: win-win.

Every issue in this book is easily, completely solved. The main character's dog becomes a plot device to remove the child from the story for a bit with their relentless games of tag and fetch, or to bring him back in. The soon to be ex-husband acquires one of those women with mile long legs, emerald eyes and red hair from the office, the same office where he and the main character are employed. Also: There are 346 mentions of smoothing out a stray lock of hair behind someone else's ear.

Audrey had been estranged from her parents for some time but in the story they, without warning, drop by and renew their vows of parenthood, having seen the light about their daughter being a lesbian. Audrey loves Marielle's son who adjusts quickly, just happy to now have two bedrooms in the two homes so he can put up both of his Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain posters in two different places.

The entire book is Marielle working up the courage to get physical with Audrey..... the entire book.