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Bad Idea

Bad Idea - Erica Yang This book was wretched, without any redeeming qualities whatsoever. Some high school girl is pressured into finding a girl to kiss in front of the girl's boyfriend who is in college. She's in High School, a sophomore I think. He is grooming her to be better than she is with his 'mature' guidance and she sounds insecure and young enough to pursue this and be his pupil. This kissing in front of him is supposed to be some mind expanding exercise for her.

She finds a girl who has a crush on her and the thing actually happens before they have to flee from the boyfriend who is intent on a threesome. Then, the pupil, the insecure little fool, cannot bring herself to break up with the guy.

Buying this book was a bad idea. It hurt me to read this and think that this might actually happen somewhere.