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Zero Visibility

Zero Visibility - Georgia Beers I think the reaction I have to each book I read very much depends on my attitude and mood at the time. I was quite surprised by this book as Ms Beers and I have a checkered past beginning with her 96 Hours, which I really enjoyed, and then others of hers not so much.

Zero Visibility is a great success in my mind. On the one hand you have a character who is damaged goods, angry, inward and cold, filled with past regrets. The other is quite optimistic with a headful of thoughts and prone to speak whatever is on her mind (how I am) and I enjoyed the mix.

The dialogue, like in many of Ms Beers books is fluid with nothing stopping the mind in its attempt at absorbing the story. Parts of the book are perhaps unlikely and other parts a little hokey but these times did not bother me in the slightest. Well done.