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Something in the Wine

Something in the Wine - Jae I gave this five stars when I first read it, but I would give it three or less upon my re-reading. The main character of Annie takes a book's length to realize her true feelings for Drew and I grew weary waiting this time around. I also noticed a continual phrase, Drew's "muscular thighs". They became larger and larger with all that muscle every time I read that description.

That said, this is a pleasant, easy read. Annie is a damaged girl who needs fixin', her brother is an asshole and her parents are criminally detached. They even joke about it, "Well, Mom….. you weren't the best with bonding." I am surprised Annie made anything of her life with this 'family'.

So. Annie could've had more backbone earlier. Drew could have been a little less perfect. The family could've been less criminally detached about their offspring just to explain why Annie is so emotionally detached.

I find it hilarious the author wrote a quick sequel of an obligatory sex scene and I am not even sure I like the original book now.