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Tell Me Again (Tell Me, #2)

Tell Me Again (Tell Me, #2) - Deanna DiLorenzo I enjoyed both books in this series, couldn't stop reading them actually, even with all of the pain and hurt described in the books which is not my usual cup of tea. Some of the plot points were very painful to read and experience and I realized a couple of times I had skipped over sections such as the vampire bit, and wish I had skipped the part with Amber reacting to Meagan's Uncle's "joke" which i found to be an out of character moment. When characters in a story do things I cannot picture them doing it disturbs me, but like I said, I could not stop reading. I greatly preferred Tell Me #1 over Tell Me Again, but for both books, Meagan Summers comes across as a real character, a person I grew to feel like I knew in real life. The other characters, because of the 1st person narrative, were shadow figures at times.