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Artist's Dream

Artist's Dream - Gerri Hill An Artist's Dream read very shallow to me, as if written by a computer. Love is never explained, it is seen in long legs and heated touches. The MC has been traumatized by her preacher father and for ten or so years even on her own and has denied her sexuality and gone on 'just a goodnight kiss' dates with men. Oh, but that all changes when the beautiful love interest happens to walk across her field of view. OMG She is so beautiful with legs so long and she just happens to love the MC's artwork and just bought a house down the road and... How convenient it all is. There is not a lot of effort required to ignore this instant love except for forgetting the same two lines of religious nonsense from her father. Having a 32 year old that worried about her father's reaction when she sees him twice a year also seemed odd to me but maybe that is my age and lack of religion speaking.

The characters have conversations we are not allowed to read,and the dialogue that remains is at a 3rd grade level. The secondary characters are utterly forgettable and the fire and brimstone father ends up like a puff of smoke in a manner that feels like the author didn't wish anyone to have to slow down too much so she could have the two lovebirds looking out at the horizon, in love for the rest of time. This story didn't move me in any way, mentally or emotionally.