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Heart Block

Heart Block - Melissa Brayden OK. So I've read this book twice now because I was curious about my own opinion of the work after some time has passed. I still think Melissa Brayden has talent with writing and I enjoy most of her books but she does the same thing over and over again with artificial trauma at the 3/4 mark, and dialogue that has everyone in the book sounding like the same character. I am afraid to re-read her other books now.

I work with eight year old children. they do not sound like this Grace in the story. Children in books are one of my greatest irritations as they are like clay, the author can have them do just about anything except the day to day grind that is child rearing. And, taking an eight year old to the film Twilight? Seriously?

One finds these blasts of love in relationships so seldom in life, one would usually go all out to preserve it. To make some arbitrary decision to end it, not tell the other person why, and just take off is just inconceivable to me. That action negates all of the good vibe created already in the story. The couples always get back together, but what about a imaginary second book? Do they split up again later because one of them drank all of the milk one night?

3 stars from me for the first half of the story