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Leaving L.A.

Leaving L.A. - Kate Christie This book was an easy, enjoyable, light read describing a sort of Hollywood, money is no object, romance. For ONCE a child was a big part of the story and wasn't annoying. So our couple can begin to fall in love as they kayak and zip line in Hawaii, after flying to an island in a private jet. I enjoyed the main characters and had the sense I knew them which is important.

The author has political issues easily dated to the first or second year of the Obama presidency. I don't like being directed to a fixed historic point in time unless it is relevant to the story but they are progressives and so am I. No problem there. There is some name dropping but nothing too egregious. There are frequent detailed descriptions occurring on peripheral elements which I found distracting but I think the author definitely had a complete visual of her story in mind and it was interesting to see how her mind worked as she wrote the story. I rated this with four stars as the book was clearly better than most of the books I can find in this genre. This book was fleshed out more than the typical "romance" and I will check out what else Kate Christie has written.