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Stranded - Blayne Cooper No.This book could have been good with the coherent dialogue between the characters but the situations are so unreal, and the voice of the MC and many of her actions are difficult to explain. The MC comes across as a middle-aged housewife with a limited view, and once that idea took root I could not look at her differently. If the author wished to have these women trapped in the jungle instead of all of the nonsense of some bonding, driving, camping tour as some sort of reward the story would have read better. Why not make it a plane crash as they were flying to a larger airport? Why would they take Miranda to the jungle as a reward? Take her to Disney world or New York city for heaven's sake. She was already signed up.

The MC is consistently gawking at men, willing to have one night stands with male strangers as a part of her get away experience, but throws a drink on a woman, her boss, who propositions her even though the MC had had a lesbian relationship in her past? Only by supporting each other in the "wilds of Venezuela" do they find a common bond and forge a relationship (crippled, on pain killers, with trench foot) - even though the MC (I forget her name already) believes her love interest (Norma?) is sleeping with the team's owner. I wanted to like this book. I enjoyed much of the dialogue, but ultimately this was a disappointment.