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Little Disquietude

Little Disquietude - C.E. Case Wonderful book, very well written, with great characters, exceptional dialogue and real emotions. A melancholy look at being an actor in New York, passed one's youthful years. I loved this one. What drew me most into the book was the character of Leah, who, at 33 has to confront the limits to her dreams. She's cast as the lead, in her friend's production, singing Edgar Allen Poe verse. It's not off-broadway, it's not on Broadway…... but in North Carolina.

One can feel Leah's weariness with the effort and how much she has to give of herself for limited success, at the same time always (mostly) dreaming large. She finds Sophia, also an actress, playing the lead in MacBeth, going through its run in the same theater and the conversation and building of a relationship between the two was marvelous to discover. Highly recommended.