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The Blind Side of Love

The Blind Side of Love - Ingrid Díaz The author, Ingrid Díaz, has written two versions of basically the same story, both very entertaining with minor character differences and different endings. Either version would be one of my favorites. The dialogue, characters and pacing is very nice.

The main characters don't even meet face to face initially but begin to correspond and then talk on the phone. One of the main characters is a very famous actress who feels compelled to use her unknown-to-the-public real name in the emails to the other main character, an artist attending NYU.

Through the emails and subsequent phone calls the two mains become close, with jealousy and mixed feelings from both as they begin to experience serious attachments to each other, but feel they cannot say a word about them and bear through each other's possible romances with others. The story then becomes cute as the actress is required to merge both of her personalities when she flies back to NYC, and the two characters do meet face to face with only the actress knowing who is who.

I really enjoyed both versions of this book . The romance is a very slow build. The dialogue is fluid and clever, sometimes overboard. One sits back and drinks in every word. The third person narrative is used for both characters and this keeps the pace moving with the reader always in the know.

Of the two versions, I prefer the first effort as the minor characters seemed real to me and and less outrageously entertaining. The second has a much fuller ending so the decision can go either way.

Download both versions at the author's website - http://www.ingriddiaz.com