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Too Late... I Love You

Too Late... I Love You - Kiki Archer I loved this book and smiled along as I read this latest novel from Ms Archer. I have only read three of her books, working on the fourth, and have to admire her ability with language and conversation, creating likable characters (or the opposite), pacing the story so that one keeps thinking, "another few pages and I shall go to bed".

Also, I always seem to have a firm visual of what is happening with the story as if a movie is playing in my mind at the same time. This does not come from too much description by the author but from some gift she possesses. This book does not need a category or label to succeed or be appealing, it is a good story, a great read, both humorous and endearing. It is definitely not a routine book following any formula.

The only real problem I had with "Too lateā€¦ I love you" was when a client called and I had to put it down for four hours.