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Landing - Emma Donoghue This story succeeds with the strength of the main characters and the wit and dialogue of the minor characters (In Ireland). Normally I take issue with large age differences in romantic stories and in real life, but I liked Síla so much that the issue faded quickly for me. Around the 4/5's mark in the book it is simply too long and I found myself skimming but I still give the book 5 stars for Síla, the romance, characters and dialogue.

I didn't enjoy the conflict in the story, that Jude would choose to live in some remote village in Ontario and not even think about moving to Dublin, Ireland, or the countryside around. This would have been a deal breaker for me. In my mind I was thinking, "you fool! Go! The "compromise" of Toronto took too long to reach in my opinion as I think Jude realized the solution when she went to London, Ontario:...