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One-Off - Lynn Galli I loved this book. I don't know if I was in the mood for a real slow-burn, or what really because if I really read a synopsis of the book I would never have bought it. It is the story of two former adversaries brought back together to plan a wedding for one of the MC's best friend and the other MC's cousin. Seriously, I just read a book about planning a wedding? I was amazed at how into this story I was.

A first person story of Skye, who seemed a real enough character to me. Ainsley, a former roommate from Uni days with whom she clashed also seemed a real character and described to a lesser extent. Ainsley was brought round to how wonderful Skye was throughout the story by being a partner with her in planning this wedding and the romance between the two of them just steadily increased in feeling as Skye came to realize her feelings for the difficult Scot.

I think Lynn Galli has written a mature book, about mature people (mostly) with meaning, and I applaud this effort. The seriousness of Skye in which I became invested, where she was in her life emotionally, was balanced by the comedic elements of the two anchors getting married and their unreal adventures and arguments.

I also love Scotland. I admit that that may have added a bias right from the start. I also enjoy Australian stories and books from the UK. I enjoy the language differences and the diversity of characters and settings. It's been a long day and I will check back and see if this review is up to snuff. I felt I had to say how much I enjoyed immediately.