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Turning Point

Turning Point - Lara Zielinsky Man, this one is all over the map, feels like 400 pages. This one has it all, the MC's are actresses in some sci-fi original, there's a psychotic ex-husband, a boring as hell present-day husband (who should have sued the author about his dialogue), little kids, older kids, family drama, some unfriendly christian family who are also psychos, names and then character names which left me puzzled and going back to find out who the hell someone was in the story and there's me, taking it all in. The book could've been chopped up some, like axe the boring politician, psychotic family and ex-husband, the dialogue from the tv show and just focused on kids. There was an age range there where a lot of emotion could have been explored.

What red-neck baptist couple in St Louis names their daughter "Cassidy"? And Mount Clemens Michigan? There is no draw to go there. Don't get ideas and think it a possible vacation site. Has the author been there? Why would ANYONE, even somebody with confidence issues, EVER give up acting in LA and move to Mt Clemens?

I gave this three stars as I had so much invested in the book and the characters, memorizing actor names and character names and somehow, it kept my attention.