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The Summer I Wasn't Me

The Summer I Wasn't Me - Jessica Verdi A review of this book is difficult for me to write in that I enjoyed the writing style, quick, simple,honestly youthful, I found some of this difficult to comprehend and the abuse of Matthew and the blind eye shown to a pedophile by the employees of the "camp" at the end kind of negates any good will I had about the story.

Some sort of immediate response to the abuser (I can't even remember his name) would have pleased me more than any sort hint of long term romance with the MC and Carolyn (who decided on her own to come to the camp and her supposedly hip parents paid for it?!). I enjoyed the getting to know each other through the prison camp style passing of a book with highlighted words and messages.

That all said, I was compelled to read the story so I believe the author has some talent. I don't think I will read any more 'pray the gay away' themed books however as the rage I feel against these camps is too much.