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Behind the Green Curtain

Behind the Green Curtain - Riley Lashea First of all, for any book I have ever reviewed as a moralist concerning fidelity, I apologize as I loved this story, which does contain infidelity. I really wish there had been no Laura character at all because how she was treated distracted me from the story somewhat. She was treated as a convenience.

That issue aside, I really like this author with her ability of seamless story telling, pulling me into this story of obsession, which, appropriately, I read compulsively. The story contains much eroticism along with some minor mysteries and minor intrigues. I don't know how many (there are many) erotic couplings occur in this book but I didn't skim over any of them as they felt key to the story.

What a smug little nerd I was assuming I knew how this book would end. It is a bit of a stretch to have the entire HEA with Caton's past lying and manipulation, but I was on board with them getting together.