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Love by the Numbers

Love by the Numbers - Karin Kallmaker This story began in an interesting fashion, Lily running from something dark, all the while being a charmer with a gift for languages. The professor's story was not so interesting and read as if she were a robot learning to become human.

One did not require anything like "Nicole said" written on the page as it was quite obvious who was speaking with the empty use of a thesaurus to manufacture dialogue so stiff and dead. She comes across as an old curmudgeon, set in her ways and entirely antisocial, except of course, when she's "Cole", her sexual alter ego. Lily has one as well named "Libido". I have no named sexual alter-ego myself so perhaps this is my problem.

The premise of a book describing DNA analysis as a new method to find compatible mates becoming an international best seller was weak to me. How would this set-up operate, having National Geographic and Ancestry.com opening up new lines of business, instead of telling you that your relative lived in Bulgaria 15,000 years ago?