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Fragmented - Eliza Lentzski I hardly ever enjoy first person in the romance genre unless the various other characters really speak their minds in dialogue that shows who they are and what is happening within them. This could have been such a cool story about dealing with paralysis and romance, the horror of feeling that one might go mad any day and giving these friends and lovers some impact, some strength and variety.

This story began full of promise and mystery and by the end, everything was tepid and quite ordinary. What is it like dating and experiencing intimacy with a paraplegic? We would never know because this superbly beautiful creature, Raleigh, has the arms of a spider monkey and can do just about anything. We never really get inside both of their thoughts, rather, suffer the worst dialogue two lovers could ever share.

Gaslighting (to cause a person to doubt his or her sanity through the use of psychological manipulation). This unknown texter Harper has really could have gaslighted her much more, in subtle ways. I, myself, almost go crazy when i can't find my glasses, or forget an appointment. If the perpetrator was subtle, this part of the story could have been quite interesting. As it is there are some texts that are not explained, the thriller part of the book becomes dull, and the romance is not felt.

That said, the author had me for many moments throughout the book, and for now, I give the book three stars.

The guy stalking Harper is the father of the girl Harper babysits? Really??? In a "candy apple red" muscle car? And the guy is a cop? Really??? Harper then trusts the man and the woman after finding out and they all work together at the end to find the other stalker. Ugh