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Puppy Love

Puppy Love - L.T. Smith A short story but with too much repetition which was one of the reasons I rated this book so low. The 1st person inner monologue was funny for a while and then became wearing. And, who was this other woman? (ERM… what was her name? Ellie? Emma? The brunette with the power tools. That's the one. What kinds of shit did she think about? Did she once try out in middle school for the soccer team but missed the cut? Does she have a fondness for Motown music? Did she talk with her mouth full when the topic was exciting? I never came close to knowing her. She was a brunette. She was so hot. There you go, I'll take her!

Also, I almost stopped reading after the main character wonders if she "was a retard" early on in the book. This word used as a pejorative infuriates me no end as I have a mentally handicapped brother and it seems so uneducated-grade-school in what is supposed to be a sweet story about two women falling in love.

I don't think I've been so annoyed by a character in a long while.