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"Daite." (Jiai Jouwa, #1)

"Daite." (Jiai Jouwa, #1) - Hildred Billings If you happen to have grown tired of the same tropes being used in lesfic, this book offers a certain freshness. Right away the characters are well described and possess depth. The place setting does not feel like any other city. The main character is interesting and lives in an environment where the cards are closely held against one's chest, emotions are held in check and responses are automatic. This is set against western personalities we frequently are involved with people blurting out their thoughts and opinions quickly and often.

I enjoyed the emotional growth of Jun, the main character, with all of this passion held inside for so long, held behind her fa├žade. I also enjoyed the descriptions of the setting of the story and the author's style was quite enjoyable and her own.