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Snow Falls

Snow Falls - Gerri Hill I think what irritates me the most about this book is that I was initially lured into liking this story and actually enjoyed the mindless simplicity, ignoring the set-up of the girl-who-doesn't-yet-know-she-is-a-lesbian, reads maps poorly, shows up on the drive of the isolated cabin THE EXACT DAY of the annual, horrendous avalanche, thus requiring her to share the bed and t-shirts of a famous lesbian author whom she has not heretofore known.

In my world this would have led me to some sort of Twilight Zone/Sartre "No Exit" kind of thing, with someone really irritating but up here in the mountains one just has to accept that one is stuck with love-mate material until the spring thaw.

I liked the character of Jen, the odd little thing who cannot read maps. She had some sort of charm initially that I appreciated. The character of "Ryan" does nothing more than mope, take the dogs out on a run and then return to her laptop to pound at the keyboard. Rinse and repeat. She comes out of her fog of wishing to be alone when her breakfasts are made for her and coffee delivered by this very attractive stranger, her new roomie and soon to be BFF.

But I was there for that. I ate up the sugar before being forced to drink the castor oil that was the ending (the last 25%). The ending of this rather obvious little book is ATROCIOUS.

Any liking of Ryan would be severely put to the test by this ending, but please, first, please explain to me exactly what it was about Ryan you found endearing.