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Bidding War

Bidding War - Julia P. Lynde A straight girl volunteers to be a date in a charity auction and her three best girlfriends don't warn her this is a gay event for a Make a Wish type of charity. So, this girl with marvelous friends goes out with her mom and buys a new dress.

She is picked up by this 'obviously gay' black man driving a limo. He is to be her escort. Timing her visits with potential buyers and making sure she doesn't drink too much alcohol. At the event she wonders why so many of the men 'look gay' and one of her marvelous friends, who is also to be auctioned off, dressed in a tuxedo. She doesn't find out the deal until she is blindfolded, dressed in assless chaps, 8" stripper heels and led about on a long lead by the beautiful gay black man to appreciative lesbians in the crowd who all holding opera glasses mounted on a handle.

No. She was actually led around by a beautiful gay black man and she wore a dress. That happens.

She goes along with the event because its for charity even after finding out. It's for the children. All she must to do is give out a good night kiss at the end of the date anyway. How bad could that be?

As can be imagined, the crowd just goes wild when they see her on stage. There are two winners, oops!, loads of money earned for the kid's charity, and the poor straight girl is now obligated to six dates in total, three for each winner. Don't ask me how the obligation grew to six dates.

The rest of this then becomes how much the two women can get away with, or the MC encourages, on their first few play dates.

"I like it when she swirls her thumb on my palm, what does that mean?"

Pah! I made it to 23%