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She Came at Dawn

She Came at Dawn - Katja Michael A book about a romantic interest 'forcing' the main character to confront the falseness in their life and personality just by her presence is a good idea for a story. Unfortunately this slow burn romance is too often swinging back and forth between the awful/nice, nice dialogue/atrocious dialogue, correct grammar and word usage/ghastly stuff that should have been caught in one re-read.

I complain to myself about the formula that is so popular in romance these days to have the characters fall into insta-love and then have a misunderstanding seemingly ruin everything at the 3/4 mark (4/5?), but this book takes it to an extreme with every chapter having the pleasure of a nice connection overshadowed by the crudest of interruptions, something sweet followed by something sadistically wrong.

The love interest is there for it all though, always with her penetrating 'emerald green orbs' to take the blow and wait for the next chapter. Oh yeah. Please remove every reference to "emerald orbs" as they are mentioned four times per chapter.

Particular Irritation: The males in this story, the boyfriends and other characters, are some of the most two dimensional characters ever read, providing nauseating dialogue and superficial plot twists. The main one, the MC's boyfriend of 4-6 years, Greg, is infuriating with his "darlings", juvenile games and 7th grade sexual references. The other one, the charity pick-up for a secondary character's love interest is so weak I wondered if he was kept on because his parents play on the same polo team with the MC's parents.

I haven't cringed this often while reading a book in a long time, especially in a book I read entirely (mostly) but every now and then I found myself reading something that was written very well, without the "where's my dramamine" writing errors. Helping a love interest, with insight and honesty, to live a true life is a good idea for a story, as we are surrounded by so much that is superficial and false. But not at the expense of one's sanity.

I think if the author went through this again she could make a nice book out of it as she is capable of writing nicely.