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Leap - Z. Egloff I went into "Leap" preparing to be disappointed with the setting of the story in 1979, middle of Ohio, and a troubled girl, Rowan, as the main character. It did seem to drag for me at first, as I am not used to an actual novel with in-depth backstory. The main character's name is Rowan and her inner monologues are typically accompanied by a metaphor, well written, poetic.

She is isolated and the metaphors ram this home. She compulsively shoplifts. She belongs to a dysfunctional family. She struggles to control this compulsion and make sense of her life, her own self-destructive impulses and her family. She works in an ice cream joint somewhere in Ohio and every minor character is given enough depth that one feels if one knows them. Her friend, her boss, her brother, the creepy corporate guy and his daughter who begins a voyage of a kind with Rowan.

Ms Egloff knows how to write very well, beautifully really - every word and every sentence. Every single item and character has weight. One knows the surroundings, the temperature and mood at all times. This book became one of my favorites.