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This London Love

This London Love - Clare Lydon I am alone on this one with my low rating, so maybe it's me. I enjoyed the beginning of this book, with our two main characters, Kate & Meg, being developed, the minor characters and the London setting. The moments before and shortly after the character's romance began read well.

The author does something here I have not seen (or have forgotten) before in romantic fiction. She broadcasts the future pivotal "I don't know who you are anymore" deal breaker and other tensions early on in the story, so the question one always has is "when is it going to drop?". When were 'they' going to drop actually as this work has more than one large problem to sort out.

We meet the characters, their mothers and friends and its nice for a good while. There is the obligatory fantastic, mind-blowing sex, which of course means they belong together. That's fine, the book is clearly a romance novel, but once they both reached the 'I love you moment" the development of character and quality of dialogue suffers. Not mentioning the, "Oh, by the way, I live with my ex-girlfriend in a house we both still own" earlier in the relationship seems very sketchy.

'Oh, come on! mini dramas' drove me away, the whole thing became so silly I couldn't finish the book. No, I had no desire to finish it and I am glad I also previously dropped "London Calling" by the same author, when I did, as I am clearly not feeling it from this author.