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Bunny Finds a Friend

Bunny Finds a Friend - Hazel Yeats *This book was given to me by Ylva in exchange for an honest, unbiased review

"Bunny finds a friend" is a very nice story written by Hazel Yeats in 3rd person. The setting is Amsterdam in the Netherlands, about a woman, Cara, who is aimless in life meeting another woman, Jude, who is very focused and quite successful. They fall into a quick love that surprises them both, but neither are mentally or emotionally prepared for the depth of this instant attraction.

I should say in the review of this that there is no description of sex or the erotic in this.

There is a subplot which grounds things and enables the author to flesh out Cara's thoughts and feelings for the reader. Cara has three sisters and they all live in Amsterdam and get together once a week. They are explored, as characters, enough to know who they are when speaking. They are amusing, help to add some variety to the story and are vital to the ending.

I enjoyed the story probably more than I normally would with this theme as Ms Yeats' style of writing is very fluid and well edited. I only found one typographic error in the book. The author includes a "Dutch thing" referring to the northern principality of Groningen as having its own language that is difficult for the rest of Holland to understand. Groningen and Friesland both have a myriad of dialects and Friesland her own language and are frequently teased by their southern neighbors.

Cara seemed real to me, a real person, with Jude slightly less so only because the narrative does not include her. Both women's thoughts and feelings are well described and known. The dialogue in the story is very well thought out and natural enough for me. This is a romance, but with more. I recommend this book and author.