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Piping Her Tune

Piping Her Tune - Maggie  Brown Misunderstanding and miscommunication give gifts that keep on coming in this longish story of two strong personalities going back and forth and not giving into the love we all know is there. Pah.

I stopped reading this at 80% on my Kindle which is very unusual for me. I just couldn't stand it anymore and didn't like any of the characters. The first third or half, I don't recall showed promise, especially with some of the humor used to take down one of the characters from her high horse. Up until that point I thought this would be one of my favorites. Then it just goes back and forth with ill timed hickeys and sightings in the city. Throw in a friend of Victoria's, Chantal, when one is tired of the previous back.and.forth. and ready to begin new back.and.forth.

I'm disappointed. I gave three stars for the parts written up until the 'high horse'.