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Midnight In Orlando

Midnight In Orlando - Amy Dawson Robertson Midnight in Orlando was a confusing book for me in that the first person viewpoint changed back and forth between the two mains and I was not aware of it for a great while, thinking the author was making some bad mistakes. I was embarrassed, later, thinking of all the times I thought to myself, "You said she was an attorney!"

Lesfic fans congregate in Orlando for a book fest with visiting authors and so on. We meet our two leads and are left to imagine the chaos of all these lesbians FF fans staying at this hotel. I think the author could've described this more.

One of the main characters had some psychological issues. I don't know how to name them. Maybe they are insecurity mixed with some pretty strong phobias. There is a scene with the woman sleeping in the tub in the hotel, TV set on the toilet, playing the DVD of the Cary Grant/Katherine Hepburn film, "Bringing up baby" that had me looking for the Xanax myself. The scene and mental state behind it was troubling.

There is an Ethyl from "I Love Lucy" character named Jeanne but precious else in the description of what sounded like a big event. I wish that had been explored more as far as world building and maybe could've even instructed us on this niche market, Lesbian Fiction/Romance.

Somehow, maybe post Xanax, I started to get into these two women and their unusual romance. I think I would prefer a sequel of this story more based on where the two leads were heading at the end. But I was happy at the end of this story. My mood had been improved and I was probably being generous rounding up from 3.5. Anyway. I have bronchitis. I will read this later and see if I was under the influence and too charitable.