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Fragile - Eve Francis I was provided this book by Ylva in exchange for an honest review.

That said, I could not get into this book at all. I dutifully read it through though and found myself more interested in the roller derby sister than anyone else in the story. The main character is just unsure, I think, unsure about everything as she hits the top of the hill and begins the descent into 'adulthood'. She has a transgender best friend, a roller derby sister, and a romantic interest with health problems and I didn't feel really involved with any of it and don't know why not!

I would say the book is well written. There weren't any mistakes in spelling or grammar that I recall. Surroundings were fleshed out. I knew where the characters were at all times. I felt I understood the issues.... I don't know. I still would have much rather read about Cynthia, the roller derby punk, who possessed some real color and humor. 2.5 stars