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Syncopated Rhythm

Syncopated Rhythm - Erik Schubach What an odd little book this is. I was entirely turned off by the excessive exclamation points used to indicate emotions or just how thrilling everything was, but the idea of the story itself is not bad and I like the inclusion of people with different sizes and afflictions.

In this one, which must be a part of a series (someone, somewhere, took off her prosthetic foot to relax on the couch), one of the mains is a +size and insecure - the other, a famous singer, has Vitiligo and must wear wigs, covering make-up and appropriate clothing to remain unnoticed. So. Quite a pair.

I'm sure the plot is covered elsewhere. My kindle edition had numerous misspelling of homophones which I found odd as the author has written innumerable books.

Whatever. It is what it is, a light bouncy ride.